Answers: Test Your Proofreading Skills

  1. The abbreviation for “West” on line 4 should be spelled out.
  2. The spacing on lines 5 and 6 is off. The colon after “Phone” has one space after it, but the colon after “e-mail” has two spaces.
  3. “E-mail” should also be capitalized so that it is consistent with “Phone” being capitalized. If you caught this error, did you also notice it’s repeated again the exact same way further down the page near line 15?
  4. “Stephen” on line 8 should be spelled “Steven” based on a Google search of the law firm (Deutsch & Bloomberg). Since the spelling is directly taken from the website, it should be used over any other spelling variations.
  5. The abbreviation for “North” near lines 9 and 10 should be spelled out.

That’s it. So did you find all of the errors? Common errors like these can be hard to find, especially when you spend so much time looking at the transcript they’re in. A fresh set of eyes that knows what to look for would go a long way in helping to find these errors.

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